Monday, March 26, 2012

Lent-Day 28

You know
I don't mean to be critical
but sometimes I wonder
if churches should grow at all
I see these giant mega-churches
places big as a shopping mall
and I wonder what they're saying inside.
When I read the Gospel the sacrifices required
seem a tall order
seem like something people wouldn't want to hear
yet some churches grow exponentially
while others stay small

Maybe it's easier to
fall in line with thousands of people
on either side of you
lost in the insanity
of numbers and projectors and big screen tvs
of pastors and leaders
preaching of money

But the Gospel I've read takes the opposite side
if we ever think we're giving enough, well we are
lying to ourselves
unwilling to let our pride in our accomplishment and treasure

The idea I'm thinking
maybe mildly proposing
is that maybe the church should be the smallest inclusive community around.
is invited.
But the call to sacrifice
might keep numbers small.

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