Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is a poem I wrote after we had water troubles during Tucson's coldest temperatures on record! It's meant to be performed aloud...maybe I'll record my performance of it at CHRPA's annual meeting Friday night and include it!


They say compassion is being able to put yourself in another's shoes.
But to be honest is that really news?
I'd like to think if we were each given the chance
we wouldn't choose to turn our backs on our neighbor
to refuse them a favor
to neglect to see things from their point of view

But when I didn't have water at my house...
something clicked.

Instead of a name on a sheet of green paper
I was the person in need of some help
(and even though I could do it myself)
my lease said I couldn't, I don't own the house

And when you're waiting around all day you wonder:
Why are they so late?
Where are they at?
What are they doing?
Don't they know that I should be the priority?

I should be the priority.
And suddenly the apathy with which
I sometimes acted ceased to be.
I know it's a frustration
how each client's situation
seems a forceful declaration
into my own inner pacification

Because the problems never end
and my days...they do.
Those leaking roofs
those faulty outlets
that plugged sewage line?
I'm really sorry. Those will have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe Monday.

But I'm starting to feel your pain
I won't claim it's the same, but I am trying.

They say compassion is being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes?
Maybe compassion is learning to sing along with someone else's blues.

Here's the video from CHRPA's annual meeting.