Thursday, May 23, 2013

A bike ride to work

Chiseled out of the cobalt skies
like the prominent jawline of a pharaoh
the mountains rise
hidden for days behind
ominous clouds that
produce little bite
for all their bark
the mountains rise.
and then today
they appear
and corral my restless,
roaming spirit
with the long arms of a father
the gentle arms of a mother
welcoming me home.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Chase the fleeting light

I can sense my time in Newport is ending, and I'm getting sentimental...

Like the sparrow o'erhead
still flitting about in the fading rays
of what is left of twilight
while the rest of us now stand in shadow

I chase the fleeting light.

when the day has ended
seasons have changed
and a chapter closes

I chase the fleeting light

one final grasp of what was
some relationships
some storylines
written to resolution
capped with a hug
or handshake
others uncomfortably incomplete

This week
I chase the fleeting light
of little time left
like a word on a page
sensing the book is closing
I cling to what still is.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reflections of a field trip to Lincoln City

is the language of children
I understand it
but can't speak it
if what is said is true
every card they create is spoken for

Celebrations burst out raucously
with passing restaurants
exuberant endorsements from the elusive
child demographic

we pass street names
eyes open wide as they recognize their own
"I live down that street!"
"I know where you live!"
"I bet you don't know where I live?!"

As we drive, the ocean takes over
and like the constant roll of the waves
it calms our passengers
mouths open with nothing being said
quiet with the horizon spread out before us
chairs start reclining
heads roll to the side
as eyelids delicately close
like a butterfly landing

voices still make themselves heard
discussing a tv show or music group
but the metal rattling
engine roaring
hum of the road
sings the passengers
the soothing lullaby
of sleep.