Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the waves roar

Let the waves roar
as the rain pounds down
streams turning to rushing rivers
coursing down the streets

Let the waves roar
as the fog rolls in
rolling like the tide
ebbing and flowing
shrouding the world in mist

Let the waves roar
as the single red light winks
at the top of the bridge
enjoy this place
before you go on

Let the waves roar
as the wind stings your cheeks
you're riding your bicycle
out the twists and turns of the bay road
winding its way to Toledo

Let the waves roar
when you drive away
the edge of the world behind you
it's difficult to turn your back
on that
which is beautiful.

A sense of call

How do you explain
a hunch
when people question it
how do you absorb that punch
to the stomach
thrusting doubt into your mind
find peace
strive to explain
what seems to be
a mystery
I can try to reason with you
but this isn't rational
it's call
that still-small voice
so softly
you're not quite sure it's even there
maybe it was just
the wind
tickling your ear
we can never be sure
of what we heard
only act
pushing forward
looking upward
and stoke the fire
of passion