Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Play the sun down

Play the sun down
Beth/Rest Bonny Bear
lay it's head down gently on

the floating ocean waves
let the horizon embrace
the changing light
as lovers hold each other
evening turns to night

Few moments create pause
in a world of movement
instant gratification

but a sunset
over the Pacific
has an audience
beyond comprehension
time stops
the music plays
and light fades.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Innocence of the Young


His clear, exuberant voice greeted me as soon as I rounded the corner
his blonde, curlish locks barely visible
above the front of his stroller


The face of his father greeted me differently

and I can't help but pause
and contemplate
a world of youth
void of the curse of life experience
and pain

a world
where each stranger you meet
brings hope
new possibilities.
the world is created new through the eyes of the young.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Do you believe in ghosts?
Now maybe I don't necessarily mean
haunting, floating
but spirits

I'm starting to think they are
the messengers
we hear about in movies
but maybe not haunts to scare us
maybe our ghosts
are our hopes
things that cannot be pushed aside
but must be followed.
Given in to
wherever they may take us

Perhaps are ghosts
are nothing more than our own
second-guessings of our lives
because we've been too scared to live our dreams.

A kingdom coming

The kingdom is coming
and people are getting nervous
those who don't understand
those who fear the unknown
and those who are so self-assured
that they're the holy church

for the kingdom coming
will usher in a new day
new ways of life
new equalities

and the people in power
those declaring the "others" that will be left out
will be so disappointed to find
that the kingdom has come for all
not just their perfect congregation
but everyone
flawed and selfish as we may be.