About Me

A wise woman sitting next to me on an airplane once told me,"It is wonderful that you have such big dreams, and it is also wonderful that you've been learning about how small acts with great love are incredible ways to make a difference. But you need both! You've got to dream big and act small."

And that's the way I'm trying to live my life.

I started this blog six years ago as a Young Adult Volunteer of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Tucson, Arizona. I was writing, reflecting, and processing what I saw in my daily work as an employee at Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona (CHRPA), life in intentional community with my four housemates, and adjusting to life in Tucson as a whole. The blog started off informational, conversational, but soon became more reflective. Most of what you'll find here are poems and short stories that capture the things I can't tell you, but can only try to help you feel.

In the years since Tucson, this has been a creative outlet, processing space, and place to spark conversation.

You can find me on Twitter (@lukerembold) and Instagram (lukerembold).