Friday, August 16, 2013

Above, Beyond

above the valley
above the noise
above the lakes
above the trees

there is peace.

poised on the shoulder of a giant
poised on the edge of the ridge
poised on the quiet of pure, sweet silence
poised on the mountain

you find bliss.

Look at the ranges
lined up on end
look at the sky
look at the sky

this is real life.

Beyond the cars
busses, bikes
you have only your feet

and how far they will carry you.

Beyond the stress,
failures, expectations
you have only hope

and how far it can carry you

Beyond fear
worry, hate
you have only love

and it will carry you.

Beyond it all
with only nature
as guide
and friend
we begin to live again.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Westminster Woods with the PYGs

Released into the woods
the wall into the wild
broken barriers
the wake of
a wave of
cascading through the conifers
bouncing off bark
and buildings
echoes rolling into
the air
the atmosphere.

carrying in the upper elevations
less-than-angelic notes
yet holy nevertheless.

Go go go
productivity through the roof
many hands doing good work
visible signs of progress made
yet suddenly
the train of progress
hits a wall
called fatigue
2 solid days of physical labor
catches up
like the storm threatening for days
when it rains
it pours
and with youth
when attention wavers
behavior falters
focus wanes
and the time is up.
what they accomplished
what they have done
one could hardly be prouder
of them.
in these places
we all win.