Tuesday, September 27, 2011

YAV Transition Retreat

This last weekend I had the opportunity and blessing to be with 49 other YAVs from the last year in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. I want to share two writings from the weekend.

Shoulders and Spirits

We talk about a need for closure
I want to go around to every person and thank them
"You did good work. You inspire me."
We all share doubts. Concerns.
Fears for the future.
We are worried.
And despite our smiles and laughter
we carry that fear.
we have supports
shoulders and spirits to hold us up
there? wherever we go after?
We face uncertainty alone.
So this time together
now, este momento
let us be thankful for the people around us.

Chimney Rock

When the world is this open
reaching out miles upon miles
something about feeling this small
makes me smile
it feels right
to feel humbled
the mighty ego crumbles

do I question God?
No...not here.
I question me.
I question our purpose
as something so tiny
so useless

I climb up so high
my modern day tower of babel
to feel strong. worthy.

Yet the higher I climb
the less I feel tall
the more I feel small.