Friday, March 9, 2012

Lent-Day 15

How do you help the ones
that don't want your help?
You can try to give so much of yourself
for naught.
Because try as you might some
just want to be forgot.

But I refuse to let that happen
I want to reach across the chasm
that divides us
whatever it may be
I want to reach out with integrity
find our common humanity.

I'll admit.
Sometimes it may be hard for me to relate
at times I've been more than content to
skate by with my privilege by birth
brought into a place on earth
where I was appreciated
built up
lauded and

And not everyone experiences that.
So while you may not want my help
I have to try
and maybe we'll never be able to tell if
I made a difference
but everyone deserves to be loved simply
for their very existence.

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