Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lent-Day 14

I always say to dream big, act small.
And that doesn't seem like so tall an order
after all
we each are capable of small things
but what about when our heart can only focus on the big?

So today the task I've placed in front of myself
is to picture big things without the smaller pieces within
things that won't work, can't be without
like sewing a quilt without a needle and pin.

What's a rainbow, without millions of tiny droplets of water
a beach, without each grain of sand?
What's a house without the bricks that built it
a skin cell, if not part of a hand?

What's a flock of geese without a "V"?
hundreds gathered in unity
wings beating in harmony

what's a person without community
a lonely sailor lost at sea
a fish without a school
without the place it needs to be

a snowflake carries exquisite beauty
unique, perfect in its purity
but a snowflake alone cannot cover the ground
giving us the muffled tranquility of winter sounds

how do you start a fire without the kindling?
you can't have a forest without a tree
how can you dance without learning the steps?
you can't appreciate the colors of fall without seeing each turning leaf.

one rock can cause the water to ripple
but perhaps many rocks can cause a wave
my one small voice grows stronger
flanked by a chorus of change.

1 comment:

  1. I just KNEW we would be on the same track today because of the "Dream Big. Act Small" concept! What is a puzzle without each piece? Love ya, son!