Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lent-Day 22

speaks to the heart
a finely sharpened knife
cutting through all the fluff
permeating our lives
and getting to the real.
We've been told that our feelings are not to be trusted
that reason, rational thinking
this is the mark of wisdom
in the world we live in
but while facts show a knowledge of certain dimensions
poems speak to truth of different intentions
maybe you can tell me why the sky is blue and clouds are white
but can you capture fear in the frailty of night?
the heart speaks a language
that we have to work to understand
it's easier to just let it pass us by
emotion is betrayal, don't smile, frown, or cry
but not everything is as easily seen as the back of your own hand
and that's why poetry is more important now than ever
easy answers aren't solutions
they're rejecting the greater need
to understand our hearts
to encourage and appreciate the arts
and maybe then we can begin to start

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