Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lent-Day 17

Someone needs to do a study
on the psychological revelations
of domino organization
it's fascinating.

To me, it's linear.
Left to right
line up your train
as best you can
despite any mishaps along the way.

To Kady,
it's a loose downward line
falling like rain to the ground.

Chris organizes like the treeclimber that he is--
trees on the mind.
His dominoes form tight, connected bows
all culminating in a magnificent point
(that spot high up in a tree those climbers like)

To me, that first domino is a "the."
Starting a sentence.
The first word from left to right.

Kady's first domino is that first drop of rain
you feel that seems to tell you
"Take cover. The sky is about to open up."

Chris' first domino seems like the end, at the beginning.
The top, right from the start.
The pinnacle.

Maybe that's why he wins.

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