Monday, March 5, 2012

Lent-Day 11

This one is for the youth group here at First Pres Newport. I mean it with all the love and hope I can offer. This is not directed at anyone in particular; think of it more as a call to the whole group to draw together.

it begins with respect
a recognition that anyone else's voice
carries a value equal to yours
that despite the constant lure
to draw attention to yourself
there is a time and a place
and this is a sacred space
for sharing
open to one another
sisters and brothers
that care
your pain is my pain
your joy is my joy

this is yours
to shape and mold
but you have to trust
to hold each other as
when you feel attacked
you turn the other cheek
the language and tone must be
not anger
not frustration
no matter the situation
each person in that circle has to be willing to look around
at every other person there
and see a beloved child of God
and they deserve your ears
your silence
your heart
and your respect.

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