Monday, November 19, 2012

Side by side

Lets go downtown
everyone says
some places won't even charge a cover!
Good by me.

And what a scene it is
people all around
making connections
as the bass shakes the walls
music emanating out those open doors
hips gyrating on the dance floor
sweat pouring from your face
what fun
what a scene
is the place to be.

unless you look across the street

you see a shape huddled under
what little shelter there is
from that constant fall drizzle
a doorway
set back
a few feet from the sidewalk
head buried under a too-thin sleeping bag
trying desperately to tune out
and sleep through the noise
and mirth
all around.

We walk by individually
but collectively we seek to ignore
and forget
the clear presence
of poverty
next to luxury
inequality amongst us.

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