Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Poem

time to prepare
time to clear out space
in the corner of the living room
for the Christmas tree
time to clear out space
in the cluttered corners of our lives
for the Prince of Peace.

Time to prepare.
time to wipe away skepticism
and open our eyes wide
like a child's
and believe in miracles once again.

Time to prepare.
time to use our imagination
to picture ourselves in a dark field
late at night
huddled with sheep to stay warm
we are dirty and tired
and yet chosen
to be the first to receive the new King.

Time to prepare.
time to give thanks for family
from Mary and Joseph receiving the unexpected gift of a son
to our own
sometimes dysfunctional
we gather anew each year to celebrate.

Time to prepare.
Time to prepare for an upside-down King
who spends His time with the poor
the dirty
the sick
not a king of wealth and power
but one born in a manger
scented not with oils and perfumes
but with the odors of horses, cows, and sheep.

Time to prepare.
Because if we don't prepare
we might not leave room in our lives
for His presence to matter at all.

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