Friday, November 9, 2012

Tough one

I call myself an aspiring pacifist
not passive-ist
mind you
a seeker of peace
through action
violence only begets violence
and yet
disarmament sounds easy
sounds great
how much money would we save?
lets dedicate that waste
to feeding families every day
hunger is causing our societal decay
how can a child learn when all they
can think about is that
growling in their stomach?
but if we take away
military dollars
from military families
what happens then?
will repercussions be felt
we haven't foreseen?
suddenly unemployment rises
where will they work?
and is some of that military budget
going to mental health services and support
for veterans and families?
that one needs to be left alone
or made even more of a priority

so how can you and me
fit into a solution
of peace?
and how do we do it with delicacy
a way that brings unity and harmony
rather than animosity and fear?
Hold each other carefully, my friends
for we tread on each others'
livelihoods and dreams.

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