Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black and Yellow (an Ode to my Steelers)

I remember that black and yellow
from my youth
sitting on the couch with Dad
watching our boys clad in the 
simplicity of that same Steel Curtain
3 diamonds on the helmet
one side
we keep it simple
no fanciness here
unless you're Yancey
dancin around defenders, dragging your toes as you bring in that 
touchdown from O'Donnell.
Pure bliss watching that Colts
Hail Mary miss
memories of the Chargers theft
still fresh in my young mind
I remember Slash
he was my boy
number 10 all over the field
catch the ball
We talk about the Wildcat now
some new invention?
nobody mentions Kordell lining up in the backfield
I could watch his highlight reel on repeat
A headache for the defense every week
I remember his fall from grace
fading into Steelers memories.

I remember the Bus
St. Louis a fool to let him go
How many defenders rode his back
into the end zone for those years?
Hammering the D
wear them down
run that team into the ground

After all, we're the Steelers
6 rings on the fingers
Each loss lingers like a welt
Sometimes I question myself
ask why I care so much
but some passions passed from father to son
cannot be unlearned.

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