Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Here are some of my thoughts from the past few days, w/ a brief explanation of when they were written:

(written on the plane from Stony Point to Tucson)

This is the lie that our individualism tells us.
You're unique.
You're happier alone.
Who wants to just be one of the crowd?
You know what I found out?
I do.
Because when the beloved community comes together
we realize we were meant for it.
We were meant for something greater than individualism
a collective unit
that gains strength from each of its parts
complementing parts, fitting together
this is the good life
and when you lose it
you realize what you had
all too late.

Yet I'm grateful for the time we had together.
Yes, perhaps it would have been easier to avoid the process of growing attached to people
only to see them move to the very margins of your life.
But at least you felt it.
At least you felt that love
that support.
People that care.
Young people that care.
About each other.
About the world we live in.
People of action.
Caring requires reaction.

We go.
We go to be, not to help, not to try to change how people live
but to be in their lives.
A beloved community of their own.
Because the beloved community does not require money.
Status. Religion.
All the beloved community needs is each other.
What a beautiful thing.
All we need is each other.

(sitting on top of a hill/mountain at the park 6 miles outside of town)

Even in Tucson
the mountaintop brings
A moment of rest from everything swimming through my head.

As I climb upwards
the things bogging me down
slowly lose their pull
their strength
their power.
And the heart
the soul
the mind
feel peace.
Look at the desert.
It doesn't ask for more from the Creator.
It finds peace where it is at.
No more
no less
Be still.
Be quiet.
Be content.

Keep dreaming!


  1. Dear Bestie,

    Just so you know, I love reading your blog. Your words are beautifully crafted and completely captivating.

    Your adoring fan,

  2. Beautiful Luke - and so well expressed. Love ya!

  3. Hey Luke It's Katie. Enjoy reading your blog and these words are beautiful and inspiring. Keep doing your thing!