Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Work, Day 1

It is 9 pm and I am utterly exhausted. That's really all you need to know. By the time I bike 9 miles to work, perform manual labor (today I repaired a leaking roof and helped fix a semi-functional swamp cooler), and then bike 9 miles home...I've got nothing left. It's a wonderful feeling though. The first family we helped won't have to choose of having a house that is comfortable and cool to sit in (but making the roof leak) or having a house that is hot hot HOT but preventing the roof from leaking. That changes their daily lives. And the second people have been without hot water for almost 2 months because they couldn't get the pilot light on their hot water heater to ignite. By the time we walked out of there, they had hot water available, plus we ordered a part to make sure we were providing a long-term fix.

I really like helping people.

This is the swamp cooler we disassembled, moved, repaired the roof underneath, and then reassembled. I should note that I left a little bitty chunk of finger in one of the cooler smashed my left index finger as I was installing literally the LAST I ended the job covered in a bit of tar and a bit of blood. Must have done something right. :)

And now, bed...another early morning, another 9 miles there, another day in the sun, and 9 miles home! I should start before and after pictures now for what I'm gonna look like by the end of this year. :)

Thanks for reading. Keep dreaming!

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  1. I hope it was just a "little itty bitty" chunk! You are going to be one lean machine!