Monday, September 6, 2010

Some pictures!

From top left: Sitting on a ledge in the mountain park 6 miles outside of Tucson.
Top right: An Inuksuk on top of the peak.
Middle: My roommate Meredith on top of the bluff.

Middle left: My favorite picture from the Mountain Park hike.
Middle Right: A night view of Tucson from the top of Tumamac Hill.
Bottom Left: The 4 of us (3 from Tucson, one from San Antonio), going to our commissioning service in Ossining, NY.
Bottom Right: My small group at orientation in Stony Point, NY. (playing King Frog)
Bottom of the bottom: My family here at 1229 N. 4th Ave! From left, Me, city supervisor Brandon, Stevie, Ali, Meredith, Jill, Jacob!

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