Monday, August 30, 2010

Final Night At Stony Point

As I sat in worship tonight, our final night together as the 62 YAV youth going to every different corner of the world, I thought about our week together, and the bonds that we'd made as a community. Here are my thoughts.

This community will not be broken.
There is
too much love
too much compassion
too much hope
too much energy
too much contagious enthusiasm
too much life.
We are full of life.
This community is a living thing.
This community will not be broken.
We separate tonight
so many different directions
to many places
to endure many pains and sorrows.
We will struggle.
We will hurt.
We will cry out to God
and ask, "Why do you let this happen?"
But the community will not be broken.
We will lift each other up
in prayer and in action.
the kind word.
the loving gesture.
God has put us together,
a community that will stand in solidarity and partnership
with the poorest of the poor, the victims of
that would have us believe they aren't human. Not worthy.
We will ache.
We will feel a longing for God's love for all unlike anything
we've ever felt before.
We will cry.
We will yell.
We will break down.
Hit rock bottom.
But when we need someone
that very moment
when we feel we're useless
powerless against forces so far
beyond our control
we'll stand as a community
we will not be broken.
and we will change the world.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
--Mother Theresa

Keep dreaming with me.

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  1. Way to make your mom cry as she leaves for her first day of work....but inspired.
    Beautiful writing, Luke. I love you!