Friday, August 20, 2010

As I pack...

As I'm looking across the things that I have strewn across my brother's room (my staging area for packing) I'm thinking about the way in which I've selected the things I'm bringing for the next year, and it is actually quite fascinating. I've stuck to the packing list the YAV program provided as best I can, but mostly I'm packing much as I would for a 2 week trip. However, this two week trip also has the oddest assortment of sentimental/useful/favorite items possible to bring. I have shirts that belonged to my grandpa, shirts that belong to my girlfriend, at least 3 of my dad's old shirts (so soft!), all the shorts that my mom has made for seems like, even looking only at my clothes, that I am truly a conglomeration and sum total of so many people on this adventure. It is hardly just me leaving for Tucson--it is so many people, so much support, so much love and well-wishes and gifts and everything just surrounding me as I prepare to leave. I feel so lucky and blessed to have so many people backing me supporting me as I leave...

The other thing I've noticed is how much stuff I'm still leaving at home. HOLY COW. It's unbelievable. I have so stinking much junk! Ok, maybe not junk. But stuff that really isn't all that useful. 30-some dvds. Hundreds of books. Blankets, pictures, paintings, a computer, guitars, amp, keyboard...the list goes on and on. And while I'm sure I'll miss having some of this stuff (the instruments really come to mind) I think in a way it is liberating to be freed from some of this stuff, if only for a while. I think of the Buddhist idea of attachment (forgive me while I go religious studies major for a second) and how one of the steps to achieving enlightenment is detaching yourself from the world, notably your material possessions. One of my professors at Linfield this spring was detaching himself from some of his dearest possessions, his book collection, because he felt like he treasured it too much! I think this year is a unique opportunity to experience living with less, and, dare I say at this point, realizing that you rarely feel like you're lacking!

I'm excited however, as I invite friends over to borrow/rent/take stuff of mine that will be sitting useless here at home. One more argument for a "community" style of regarding our material things.

3 days till departure! So much to do!

Until next time...Keep dreaming!

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