Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reflections on life

these memorials
are always bizarre.
Nothing makes you reflect on your own demise
like recognizing the death of another
and yet
I always end up more focused on life
for as we sit in remembrance of one gone
we discuss their character
their ambition
their achievements
and I can't help but wonder if
what we're talking about
is what they wanted to be about
if our perception of a life lived
matches that of the person who has died
at all.

It seems to me, then
that when I reach my end
I want no debate
there will be no room in that place
for discussion as to who I was

"A servant for all" that could be said
for love
for peace
for justice
if I can end my life with those reflecting on it

if that funeral is not a funeral
but a day of servanthood
where all gathered don't cry or mourn
but smile as they help a neighbor
laugh as they meet a stranger
and rejoice in the servanthood of one another
I'll have lived as I wanted.

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