Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow in the Tucson Mountains!

We were supposed to go on a rafting trip, but due to forecasts in the 50's with rain, the trip was cancelled. Instead, we ended up in a cabin on Mt. Lemmon, the matriarch of the Catalina range that borders Tucson to the North. The second day there....it snowed.


The snow makes noise
did you know that?
How often is it quiet enough to hear the snow come down
calm enough to feel it lightly kissing your lips
as it falls, dances, blankets the world.
The trees wear it as only royalty can
white, the color of purity and innocence.
the captivation of the eye
notable not for its lack of color
but for its lack of hue.
to be in the presence of this, the ceremony
bestowing the crown onto nature, with each
leaf, needle, flower, or pedal wearing it differently
consider yourself lucky
Many don't have the opportunity to see it.
Many don't want to.
Many can't.
So if you can
if you are there as the snow plays a quiet beating
drum as it ordains all of nature as kings and queens
You are lucky.


Snow separates humanity from nature
As the elements, as Mother Nature is blessing the
land with moisture, with beauty, man hides away.
The trees rise as they always do, but now their garments are
gilded, shining white to offset the stately greens.
The ground itself is no longer brown, dull, dead, but instead
white! Pure! Innocent! NEW!
Man hides from such baptism.
We deny our true place in the royal order, naught but a servant,
in favor of playing the king, the queen....the tyrant.
We have neither the patience nor the fortitude to wait for nature to crown us
as only She can.

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  1. These are GREAT! I love them. Keep doing what you do :)