Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

A couple years ago, this was my Easter Sunday experience. I wrote about it that same day. And I think about it every year.

Easter Sunday
 I spent a little time talking with a good man by the road today 
He's 43 looks 65 but he's got a lot to say 
He says to me "son listen up right quick we don't have much time 
The good Lord gives and he takes away but things have turned out fine
  I ran away at the age of 18 learned the ropes from a wine-o others took to be mean 
I pick up cans and eat from the trash I've had gangs in LA kick my ass 
But Luke I tell you theres nothing that I need the Lord provides and takes care of me  
But do one thing if you would my brother
 Just pray for me  
 Pray for me. 
Pray for me."  
I spent a little time talking with a good man by the road today.  
I sat there in my slacks and tie and I listened to what he had to say.  
He tells me of the time he was making big cash but the roof caved in
 I took my eyes off the Lord he tells me and he turns to me with a grin  
"I tell you son you gotta have big faith the Lord will smile and show his face
 I trust people Luke and it can turn out bad but Luke I'll tell you bout the times I've had
 I've had a court date for 20 years but I've never shown up and I stopped drinking beers
 I choose this lifestyle is that so wrong? Me and "real life" just never got along..."  
I said "Damn..Wayne. I agree." 
He raises an eyebrow and he turns to me. 
 Before he said anything a car drove past...they waved for Wayne and he hopped up to greet them. 
 They gave him a flannel to help keep warm...and he gave it to me. Instantaneously.  
Without question. Or recognition. Wayne gave it to me.
I sat there, speechless for a couple long moments. 
I said thank you Wayne for thinking of me. 
He smiles, says “I got my coveralls bro but you don't got nothing!” 
 As I got up to leave I asked him one more time "Wayne how can I help I feel I've wasted your time!" 
And he thanks me then for stopping by 
and I gave him my number as we said goodbye
 God will take care of me he said he's always given me a place to lay my head 
So go on home and don't you worry but Luke please 
Pray for me.  
Pray for me.
 Pray for me. 
I spent some time with a wise friend on the road today.  
He's a child of God and he preached a sermon worthy of Easter Sunday.   

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