Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Awake in Fear

This is not my story, and I cannot speak FOR those who share this experience. But I do want to create an opportunity to learn their story and advocate on their behalf.

It IS real.

I awake in fear.
Each morning, every morning
I wake up
with that dull kind of chill
that reminds me that even in my sleep,
I am afraid.

I awake in fear
at the sound of voices outside
at the notion that they may be
accompanied by the fiery
engine roar of a dozer or tractor

I awake in fear
that they've finally come.

I am scared for my children
for their safety
for their future
I am scared
for how I might respond to their danger.

The stress, the worry
it tears me down
tears me apart
that short stop in my heartbeat
every time I hear the steps of boots
coming down the street.

I awake in fear
and while it has been
days, months, years
since I got the notice

I cannot let the fear go.

(There are thousands of Palestinian homes scheduled for demolition by the Israeli government. They never know when or if government workers or the military will show up at their home and forcibly evict them and charge them fines for their own eviction...) Read more at

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