Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Job Honesty

It happened today for the first time. Or, maybe not the first time, but the time I have felt MOST responsible. Today I felt the downside of manual labor, of that wonderful work I do that gives me visual confirmation every day of the difference I'm making, the people I'm helping. But today, after 3 days on a gas line, after already scheduling an inspection for tomorrow, I discovered my gas line had a leak.

It was right at the end of the day. We were packed up. The pressure test had held for a half hour. But suddenly we were losing air. Maybe Harvey or I nudged the pipe as we were screwing in support blocks. So, I got out the leak detector and started checking joints. None of the usual suspects were guilty. I checked more. None were leaking.

My frustration was building, as time passed and as I thought of the inspection I had called in. We wouldn't be able to get it inspected tomorrow. Our client, already without gas for almost 9 weeks, would have to wait at least another 2 days. The pride I had felt just an hour previous had already soured into bitter disappointment.

And I suppose that's the downside of my job sometimes. As incredible and rewarding as it can be to see your handwork at the end of a day, you can also see the lack of work.

Success is very visible, but so is failure.

Just another part of the journey.

Keep dreaming,


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