Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Furnace School

So last week we went to Furnace School to learn about...you guessed it! Furnaces.
Apparently, even in the Arizonan climate, people need furnaces to stay warm in the winter...and at CHRPA, our job is to start/fix them. Hurray!

All this means those of us new to the furnace world went to a professional furnace school to learn everything we needed to know...supposedly.

Unfortunately, furnace school is mostly geared to contractors installing new, pretty furnaces, while we fix and light pilot lights on old, broken ones.

So...the things I learned were of a different nature. I composed some rounds (to be performed like in Harry Potter Puppet Pals...and if you haven't seen that, look it up on Youtube).

Learning About Drafting:

Not enough air and you better beware cuz that furnace gonna make you dead

Carbon monoxide is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Ventilation! We need more ventilation!

Learning about Venting:

Aww man! The flue don't fit! Aww man! The flue don't fit!

Nom. Nom. Nomenclature. Nom. Nom. Nomenclature.

Height. And lateral. Don't forget diameter. Height.And lateral. Don't forget diameter.

D-d-d-da-da double wall vent pipe! D-d-d-da-da double wall vent pipe!

Learning about Furnace stages:

Furnaces are just like rockets. Vroom!

1 stage meow, 2nd stage RAWR!

The secondary stage stops shivers. Brrr!

Watch the white wires. Watch the white wires.

In addition, Daniel and I played some hangman and created treasure maps.

Sometimes, you have to go to furnace school...but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. :)

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