Monday, July 19, 2010

I've done it!

Ok. So...I'm going to be honest. Just making this blog stepped up my excitement/nervousness quite a bit. I leave in just over a month! Plus, I haven't blogged since I crossed the country w/ my lifelong buddy Chrodgers (and our furry little stuffed animal friend Harry the Haribou!). I hope to expand on this initial entry soon, but for now, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and can I say my home church is INCREDIBLE? Within a week of submitting my request for funds to the Session, they committed to covering the full $5000 cost for my YAV experience. However, while I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with this gesture, I am still continuing my fundraising efforts, so that some portion of the money that would otherwise be directed to me can instead go to other worthy missional efforts!

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